RASV LogoOver the weekend I had the pleasure of navigating the RASV Heifer Challenge vehicle over 2000km to assess over 180 heifers. Travelling and discussing stock with an exceptional cattleman, Judge Jack Woodburn of Forbes, NSW was an amazing experience.

This reminded me of the great value and enjoyment of getting out on the ground. I’d like to encourage you all to consider spending a morning or day visiting properties during Beef Week (next year) or local sales and events to keep your cattle assessment skills polished, see how leading breeders are progressing the beef industry and keep up to date with the emerging trends.

What a fantastic way also to catch up with local producers, meet new faces, talk with agribusiness reps that are on the road.

The RASV Heifer Challenge is a highly relevant competition to find the best pen of 10 heifers across Beef Week. Over 9 days, 50 studs from NSW, Vic and SA penned their best line of sound and fertile female red meat breeders for assessment.

It was a delight to travel in the company of three exceptional men. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, wisdom and laughs along the way.

  • Jack Woodburn, Forbes, NSW, respected former Angus breeder, stock agent and competition judge
  • Ben White, RASV Agribusiness Manager, bringing the RASV back to the regions and consumers
  • Gavin Wall, Tintern Schools Farm Manager and RASV Sheep Chairman.