Committee Management Tips

Encourage input into planning

Invite and actively involve members in your organisations planning processes. Schedule special meetings, or allocate time to discuss strategic and operational issues.

Encourage member input, value it and act on it.

Educate members to be knowledgeable about your organisation. A positive program of continuing education can help overall retention.

Promote your organisation 

Make sure the community recognises the valuable contribution made by members. Publicise organisation milestones, community service activities, working bees and anything of interest throughout the year.

Evaluate your program

Evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of your activities and programs. Are they appropriate for your local community? Do they align with the skills and interests of members? Do they have impact? If not, strengthen existing programs and /or develop new ones.

Keep Fresh and Get New Ideas

Encourage members to attend other shows, events, entertainment and district competitions. Look for great ideas that are succeeding, gaining interest and engaging people that you could use as an idea for your show.

Be receptive

Be receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things, particularly when those suggestions come from members. While you do not have to implement everything which is suggested, you do have a responsibility to listen and show appreciation. Consider changes to business operations, strategic decisions and operational plans.

Active committees

Encourage all committees within the organisation to be active and recognise their achievements when they occur. Find ways to support committees that are not achieving their objectives and not keeping their members actively engaged.

Convenient and effective meetings

For some organisations, membership may depend on making big decisions on some fundamental factors. Carefully consider all members to choose the most appropriate meeting day, time, structure and cost. Do you need to make some changes for the long term sustainability of your show?

Use time efficiently

Value your members time by conducting well organised meetings and keeping to time. Well organised meetings are more effective meetings.


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