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This post is my summary of a presentation at the RASC Conference by Ian McConnel, Project Coordinator, Sustainable Beef WWF.

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What is a Social Licence to farm?

Farmers are increasingly expected to demonstrate their social and environmental responsibility to consumers to protect their ‘social licence to farm’. Defending the “right to farm” is unproductive, farmers instead need to lead the community in communicating how food is produced in a sustainable manner. That social licence is going to become more difficult to attain, and more important.

Consumers don't want to pay extra for environmental sustainability - they expect it.

 – Ian McConnel

DPI NSW article on Social Licence


Next Steps for Your Show:

Be aware of the expectations of the public. Shows are a terrific way for consumers to connect with agriculture. How can you assist by helping to educate people on where their food comes from and how it is produced.


Thank you Ian McConnel, Project Coordinator, Sustainable Beef, WWF, for your presentation at the RASC Conference.


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