Website basics for your show

A study in 2012 found that 13 million Australians spend 18 hours a day online. The majority of people are now seeking all their information about events on the internet, from home, work and on their phones and tablet devices. If your show does not yet have a website, or does not include information for public attending your event, its fair to conclude that your visitor numbers are much lower than they should be.


Benefits of using the internet as part of your marketing and promotion

  • Cheaper than traditional broadcast advertising like newspapers and television.
  • Cost saving on printing and posting show catalogues as more and more people prefer an online copy.
  • Compliments existing advertising, for example smaller print advertising and shorter radio spots can direct people to the website for further information.



Pros Cons Helpful Hints

Do It Yourself

Cheap, edit when you want Time consuming, need basic digital literacy skills Suggest to use a web site hosting and building service (

Get a student or younger committee volunteer

Same as DIY option. Uses computer skills of volunteer You still probably need to provide the content you want included See if a student can build your site as part of a school project

Contract a web designer

Website is constructed and supported for you. Lower time commitment and skills needed, content can be provided in word documents, more flexibility to build the site out with extra features. Higher cost, typical build is between $1500-$2000, will require updating regularly. Will require hosting such as Ventra IP for $5 a month.

Always look for a designer that uses wordpress because its easy to use and is by far the most popular website system (CMS)

Register a Domain Name

A domain name is the web address where people can find your site. A address such as is better than Domain name registration costs money each year, but can be retained even if you change hosting companies, so it keeps you in control. Your website designed or hosting company can assist with registering your domian name if required.

Steps in developing a low cost DIY website.

  1. Sign up to web hosting and building site (eg. – prices start from $8/month, see, some sites provide free options)
  2. Get started: choose a template (eg. Five) – you can change this at any time. Use when assistance is required.
  3. Create your account – you will need an email address
  4. Click on elements on page to change
  5. Use menu sections on left to set up and develop pages
  6. To find images you can use free and legally, go to

“Your most critical first impression is digital”

– Brenton Johnson


Next Steps for Your Show:

Have a look at other show websites and think about the key information the public and exhibitors may like to access online. 


Thank you Brenton Johnson, Uptake Solutions for your support and great assistance in developing my website.

I recommend Brenton for any assistance you may need.


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