‘Science careers for a new Green Revolution’ was the theme of this years PISCEpicPrimary Industry Center for Science Education (PICSE) Conference in Ballarat.

Speaking on my role in agriculture, projects I’ve worked on, opportunities and careers in agriculture, I was able to give attendees an insight into working in primary industries.

Science teachers, Ag/Hort teachers, career teachers, uni lecturers and industry partners, as well as students completing VCE and VCAL Ag/Hort attended.

Talking with students about their interests, where they might lead and what subjects would be the most useful to study, it was great to hear their enthusiasm. Most were looking for some clarification as to what jobs existed in areas relating to their interests and direction to ensure they had the most appropriate training to help them get a job.

It is so important to help teachers comprehend that there are a huge number and variety of science careers in primary industry and to encourage those students interested in science to consider them.

Talking with teachers at the conference reminded me of the number of dedicated science teachers, particularly in our metropolitan areas, that have little experience with agriculture. I commend those that attend PICSE or related events to build their understanding of how to bring agriculture into the class room. Thank you for helping to open the minds of the next generation of potential agricultural scientists, producer and other careers supporting food and fibre production.

Congratulations Jessica Sautner, PICSE Science Education Officer, for coordinating a diverse and hands on program.