Volunteer Recruitment Tips

Prioritise publicity

People are more likely to join an organisation which has a public profile. Make publicity an integral part of your operations. Appoint a publicity committee or at least have a brief committee brainstorm to come up with creative ways to promote and a planning session to outline major times during the year to keep your organisation in the public eye.

Use the ‘community events’ section of your local paper, radio and internet media. Think about a suitable hook to interest people in attending your major events or joining your planning committee.

Welcome and Induction

A significant proportion of new members who resign, do so in their early years of membership. Develop an induction and orientation program for the first year to help them settle in. While not trying to overload new people, keep information brief and to the point. Help them get acquainted.


Identify mentors in your committee to support new members. Clearly define the role you want these mentors to play and provide some basic mentor training.

Sincere, realistic expectations

Be careful to set sincere and realistic expectations up front. People will be more satisfied when their expectations closely match their perceptions of what is actually required.

Early Involvement

Involve new members early. Identify jobs within your organisation which can be given to new members. Put new members onto active committees wherever possible. Get them involved from day one.


Build peoples involvement on a gradual basis. Start with specific tasks, then as they gain confidence, give them opportunities to ‘grow’ into more responsible positions.

Review to Improve

Follow up to see if expectations are being met, or if they need anything to improve their experience. Effective follow up provides valuable feedback and an opportunity to improve service to members and the show.


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