Strategy – Planning for the Future

Every now and again, there is value in stepping back from our every-day activities to look at the bigger picture and ensure everyone in your organisation is on the same page. Reviewing the questions who are we, and why do we do we do, can help clarify the purpose and vision of your show for your committee, staff and members.

The main purpose of shows is to promote and develop agricultural industries. There is so much wisdom and experience in a show community, it is clear to me that shows really develop both people and agriculture.

I am proud of the history and tradition of shows, but in the next ten years, change is inevitable.

To grow strongly into the future we need to build on committee succession, new ideas and investment.

While each show may have a different vision, generally most organisation will focus on areas such as:

  • Promotion of agricultural industries
  • Development of agricultural industries
  • Development of youth?

If we are clear on why we are running a show and what we want to achieve, is the first step in reviewing how we operate and finding creative ways to better achieve what we set out to do.

What are the most important things we need to do to achieve our vision?

To thrive in the 21st Century, even voluntary organisations could benefit to think more like a business. While some people hold the view that just breaking even after a show is adequate, the more profit we can invest back into the organisation and community is security for the future.

Bringing a business mind set to show affairs is advantageous.


Key areas to work on for a sustainable show

  • Build the skill base of your committee
  • Focus on financial management
  • Increase engagement with your community
  • Enhance participation of younger people

More on this topic soon…


Economic & Social Impact Study of Australian Agricultural Shows – by Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies


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