Four successful women joined the Bendigo Inspiring Women in Agriculture dinner this week to share some business and life experiences. Thank you Julie Slater, Di Bowles, Belinda Hagan and Katie Finlay for being so open, inspiring us and revealing many helpful hints.

Here are the top 4 tips:

  1. Take every opportunity you can – Julie Slater
  1. Always ask Why – Di Bowles
    Don’t be shy about getting straight to the point
  1. Turn negatives into a positive – Belinda Hagan
    We are often bombarded by negativity from people who have had a bad day. This constant assault can become very draining. Keep your motivation and energy by turning negative comments and reaction into the positive.
  1. Find a mentor (or a few) – Katie Finlay
    Don’t be afraid to approach someone you respect and look up to.

Thanks for organising a great event: Ashley Rogers, North Central CMA, Inspiring Excellence and Farming Answers. I had a fantastic evening as MC with such an enthusiastic and radiant group of ladies.